We offer a variety of in-office procedures for the convenience of both patients and physicians. Our procedures include echocardiograms, contrast echocardiograms, stress echocardiograms, bilateral carotid dopplers, IMT screening, and AAA screening.


An echocardiogram uses ultrasound waves to generate images of your heart for further analysis. Using the image from an echocardiogram a physician is able to monitor your heart activity along with  diagnose any abnormalities in the heart muscle or valves. LEARN MORE


This procedure is used primarily in the detection of intracardiac shunts. This is an abnormality in the flow of blood due to holes in cardiac walls that separate blood that is leaving the heart muscle from blood that is returning.  LEARN MORE


Like other echocardiograms, a stress echo can review the hearts overall condition. One added benefit of this test is the ability to review the effectiveness of a heart treatment plan by viewing the heart under stress (exercise). LEARN MORE


A narrow carotid artery indicates an increased risk of stroke. Our bilateral doppler ultrasound reviews the build up of plaque in the carotid artery on both sides of the neck and allows physicians to preemptively treat patients to decrease the risk of stroke. LEARN MORE


Our non-invasive IMT (Intima Media Thickness) screen lasts approximately 2-5 minutes and can detect the state of your coronary artery including plaque deposits and thickness. This procedure is recommended by the American Heart Association and is approved by the National Cholesterol Education ProgramLEARN MORE


Screening for Abdominal Aorta Aneurysm is important because even a small rupture can cause life-threatening bleeding requiring further monitoring or even emergency surgery. Just a single screening allows your physician to decide whether or not you should be further tested or to quickly respond if surgery is required. LEARN MORE


Arteriosclerosis is the number one killer for men and women causing more deaths each year than all cancers combined. You may look and feel young on the outside, but your heart and/or arteries may reflect an individual more advanced in age. Approximately half of all initial cardiovascular events occur in asymptomatic people. Most of our procedures can be considered preventative care and come at no cost to you, the patient. We regularly work with physicians to perform essential scans for their patients and we deliver results at no added cost to you or your physician.

“I am an active 44 year old male who had IMT screening done a year ago. The test showed that not only did I have a significant amount of plaque, but my cardiovascular age was that of a 62 year old. Within one year I was able to reduce my cardiovascular age by 10 years with medication and diet changes. I would never have known the dangerous state of my arteries if I did not have this screening.”
— Mike, Chief Technology Officer


GE Vivid-q

GE Vivid-q

Using state-of-the-art, mobile equipment allows us to easily travel within several states performing  our life-saving procedures. "Imagine the possibilities with a high-performance, cardiovascular ultrasound system that is no bigger than a laptop..."

Centrally based in Salt Lake City, we regularly travel to scan patients throughout Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, and Arizona. And because we partner with physicians, all of our procedures are performed in your physician's office with results being delivered in a fraction of the time. If you are a physician and would like to schedule a day for a large group of patients to get scanned, please get in touch with us.